Tesla’s Model 3 is The Best Selling Luxury Car In America

The Tesla Model 3 has become the bestselling luxury car in America.

This is probably because Tesla made the Model 3 as a mass-market car, not a luxury car. The Model 3 is set to have a starting price of $35,000. The company said that this model will not have a six-figure price tag just like Model S or Model X.

Tesla said that someday the Model 3 will be the mass-market car in the USA but currently it isn’t one yet.

Model 3 at the price of $35,000 will come with a standard battery which won’t be available for three to six months. All the current Model 3s have long-range batteries, which take the starting price up to $49,000.

However, it is a fact that the Model 3 is selling in a luxury car price range is not a bad thing for Tesla. Luxury cars bring more profit that the mass-market cars.

CEO Elon Musk even acknowledged this the reason the $35,000 Model 3 will have to wait.

“Shipping min cost Model 3 right away would cause Tesla to lose money & die,” he tweeted back in May.

Tesla is using the term “premium sedan” for this model 3 car rather than a luxury model.

This car is facing tough competition with America’s luxury brands.

The company announced on Tuesday that it sold 55,840 Model 3s in the third quarter, nearly all of which were bought by American customers. The next big selling luxury model was the Audi Q5. Audi sold 21,000 of that model in past three months.

Tesla sold more Model 3s than GM sold any model of Cadillacs or Buicks. The Model 3 also beat all Honda Acuras and Ford’s Lincolns and Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars in sales.

Model 3 surpassed those renowned brands even though Tesla doesn’t advertise. It also has far fewer stores than its competitors’ dealership network but still, the model is making good rounds.