Italian Filmmakers to Make The First Show on Sexual Harassment for Kids

The Italian filmmakers are all set to make the world’s first TV show on sexual harassment for kids. This TV show will tell the story of an 11-year-old girl Joy who faces harassment by an influential lawyer who is also a friend of her father.

This show is being made for nine to 14-year-olds. It will be the first ever talk show on such a sensitive topic.

Luca Milano, the head of Rai Ragazzi and Rai Kids added that they also have plan to make TV shows on the subjects like sexual bullying, abuse and shaming among children themselves. He said that the drama makers worked closely with a panel of leading child psychologists before actually shooting the drama.

“The series was written with the help of a neuropsychological team from a hospital in Rome that specializes in this area,” Milano explained. Now the shooting is also being done in collaboration with the medical team. “This team not only helped in writing the show, but they have also assisted the kids who are acting in the show. After all, they are only children and they are having to get across some very difficult moments.”

This series will have ten parts. A clip of the series was played at the MIPJunior, the world’s top children’s entertainment market in Cannes, France. The audience applauded the effort.

The story begins with Joy preparing for a school cooking competition with excitement but her mood changes suddenly. Her friends notice a change in her mood. Though her parents should have noticed that change that is what drama makers want to highlight through their work.

“The idea behind the drama was to teach kids how to identify risky situations and to educate the parents on identifying any changes in the behavior of their kids. We also show kids how to speak to adults because we understand, it is not easy to talk to an adult about bad experiences.” She added.

The shooting will be completed at the end of November. The company is working on an education campaign to accompany the series, with other broadcasters closely watching the results.