Google’s Lenovo Smart Display is Already Here

When it comes to Smart Speakers, Google’s Home has being doing very well in connecting users’ interactions within a company. However, as the technology advances, so is the need for a Smart Speaker that can do more than just that, which is what led to the creation of Google’s Lenovo Smart Display.

Google’s Smart Display works just like Amazon’s Echo Show in providing users with the visual look at Google’s search results for such things as calendar, weather and YouTube videos. The speaker is also able to cast a video from the user’s phone to the SmartDisplay, which makes it useable as a small TV.

After discovering just how much one can achieve though Smart Speakers, Google is now working with other manufacturers to produce more Smart Displays that will bring more and better features to Smart Speaker users. At the moment, the Lenovo’s Smart Display is the only one from the company that is on sale. There are different models of the same product; the 8-inch model is available at a price of $199 while the 10-inch display is going for $249.

That price puts the Lenovo’s Smart Display at a higher cost than the Amazon’s Echo Show, which goes for about $229. The Lenovo Display also supports fewer smart devices compared to the Amazon Show. Even so, the Lenovo remains a better option as it offers a much smarter display.

Google Home has been a great Smart Speaker since its launching in 2016. Users are able to get everything they need from such a device; including intelligence, music and sometimes casting videos from TV. What Google Home Users now need is a screen to be able to enjoy a display of everything they are not getting form the Google Home.

With Lenovo Smart Display, you get to enjoy everything Google home was offering, plus the ability to watch YouTube videos, cast applications to the display as well as ask all the questions you might have about anything. Besides, the Lenovo Display looks pretty, which is a great addition to any home or office.