BMW recalls over 1 million cars globally over potential fire risk

October 25, 2018

German carmaker BMW announced on Tuesday that it would recall more than one million diesel cars from all around the world due to a problem with gas exhaustion system. The high-end car manufacturers said that faulty cars have a problem with the exhaust system that could cause a fire in the extreme cases. The company said in a statement that the cars have gotten a faulty component called the exhaust…


Nine West hits rock bottom and filed for bankruptcy

October 19, 2018

Nine West, an American fashion and footwear company that’s been on business for 35 years declared bankruptcy, citing $1.6-billion in debt. The privately owned chain will close all of its 70 store locations to cancel its leases. They have failed several attempts to resemble many of those other retailers, to capture modern shopping trends resulting to excess inventory. Its problems were compounded by the fact that 80 percent of its…


Tesla’s Model 3 is The Best Selling Luxury Car In America

October 9, 2018

The Tesla Model 3 has become the bestselling luxury car in America. This is probably because Tesla made the Model 3 as a mass-market car, not a luxury car. The Model 3 is set to have a starting price of $35,000. The company said that this model will not have a six-figure price tag just like Model S or Model X. Tesla said that someday the Model 3 will be the…