Yang Kaili mocks the national anthem and gets detained

October 17, 2018

Yang Kaili, a 20-year old live-streamer, posted a video of her humming marching music before reciting the first line of the national anthem while waving her hands as if conducting an orchestra. She then greeted her audience with: “Hello, good evening comrades.” China has introduced a law on the past year, mandating up to 15 days in police detention for those who mock the “March of the Volunteers” national anthem….


Cell phone voice assistants get into the home

September 26, 2018

The virtual assistants promised a world of obedience where it was enough to snap your fingers to fulfill any will. But the reality was very different, since their compression failures made them dull tools. But with the injection of artificial intelligence (AI) everything changed and currently, Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple and Bixby from Samsung, together with Google Assistant, seek to expand their presence at home, through the so-called…